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When we were kids, we wanted to catch the wind. It carried us away: away into the realm of our fantasies, the realm of our dreams. In our lives, we’ve come to take the wind for granted. After all, it never stops to blow and breeze.

What are we going to do with the wind? Can we catch it? Can we use it? Catch the Wind is the solution for today's wind catchers. We develop novel models and solutions that allow us to utilize the wind to serve our daily needs. It is the energy that we need. And not just because it saves money, but because we want it. Catch the Wind offers niche solutions. We leave those big wind turbines to those with an appetite for fighting windmills.
Our new solutions create returns. Because many wind power systems are needed on a smaller scale - within cities, in redundant areas and pretty much everywhere, where people need simple solutions.

We are inviting you: become a wind catcher too!

Catch the wind offers novel wind power systems.

Become a wind catcher too.

What are we going to do with it?

Every big idea starts with asking the right question.

The scarcest resource is not oil, or natural gas, or uranium: the scarcest resource is time. We need to learn to understand energy, and what it means to have energy.

We need ideas and developments that reshape how we use our available energy. We have to learn that the clock is ticking, and that time is indeed running away from us. Within the decades ahead, the fate of many societies will be decided.

Catch the Wind is developing new solutions and concepts that will make life more secure for generations to come. Today, the value of the energy generated by wind already exceeds that of i.e. solar energy sixfold. Wind is a piece of the future.

More than 1.5 billion people are waiting for our solutions.

Our novel energy concepts are leading the way.

Clean energy is one of our fundamental basic needs in modern times.

Today, more than 1.5 billion people (more than twice the number of residents in Europe) are without access to electricity.

Catch the Wind has therefore developed a novel energy concept which is entirely decentralized.

Fact: With today’s conventional centralized energy policies, there isn’t much hope for improvement in the future if such initiatives aren’t developed and brought to life by companies like Catch the Wind.

Time is short: We must act now.

Aside from the state of emergency in developing countries, the Western world is also looking at grave changes to come.
According to current calculations and projections, the next 30 to 40 years will see fossil energy sources diminish to a level where ownership of resources alone will be the reason for conflicts and war.


One solution to counteract this trend is the decentralized and regenerative energy supply.
But, the future has already begun, and not least due to Catch the Wind. We are out of time. We must not allow our last sources of energy to be exploited and abused for political games.

And worse yet: we must act now with climate change, the CO2 problem and the securing of our future in mind.

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We are really catching the wind.

Redundant solutions as a direct remedy to power shortages.

Welcome to a borderless market.

More than twice the amount of people residing in europe need our products.

Performance increase. More efficiency. More energy.

What you need to know.

Catch the Wind is a Research & Development division of EnerCrox Inc., and maintains several locations in the United States. Catch the Wind builds and distributes vertical small-scale wind turbines that create electricity from wind energy.

Not only have the innovative concepts of our developers created a performance increase of more than 25%, but their development of various rotor concepts substantially contributes to cost- and energy efficiency.

Even today, our products are already leaving all comparable competitors behind. Better yet, our targeted choice of materials achieves ultra-light designs that mitigate the weight disadvantage of conventional vertical wind turbines.

We are currently developing market-ready wind turbines with nominal power outputs of up to 10 kW. And here too: from development to installation, everything from one source.


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Highspeed towards energy..

Savonius rotors are drag turbines: the motor surface as a whole offers resistance to the wind and is therefore pushed by it.

Until now, Savonius turbines had a rather low degree of efficiency, and thus, rather meager power outputs.

Catch the Wind is currently performing test runs with rotors that are combined with other solutions. After all, why should the resource wind not be exploited by multiple means?

Darrieus turbines are lift turbines: the angle of attack of the blades is not entirely vertical relative to the wind. The wind streaming across the blades creates lift, just as in airplanes.

They are highly efficient fast turbines and constitute the core of efficient vertical power generation.


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NASA technology makes it possible.

Using state-of-the-art NASA technology, Catch the Wind is currently optimizing highly efficient H-rotors.

The airfoils of these systems offer the largest surfaces opposing the air current, and are an ideal solution particularly in regions with permanent wind.

Values derived from wind tunnel testing allow the intelligent routing of the airstream to develop additional benefits - similar to the process applied in the development of Formula 1 race car rear wings.

The advantages: aligning the rotor with the direction of the wind is not required. The distribution of oscillations and generated forces is optimized. The centrifugal force load on the blades is evenly distributed and the noise level is extremely low.


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Those who want to catch the wind grow wings.

Catch The Wind offers individual solutions for redundant wind power supplies.

Simply let our great ideas carry you away.

New solutions for people in windy regions - but not only there.


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